The book on Andrew Cadigan’s walk around Australia, and tragic death soon after, will be available under the new title 'With Every Step' in February 2015.

Originally called ‘A Man and a Pram’ and written and self published by his author father Neil Cadigan, it is an inspirational and at times emotional story of Cad’s journey, gleaned from his daily diaries he had written during his walk from two days after Christmas 2010 to June 14, 2012. The trek was in honour of his mate Chris Simpson who had died seven months before Cad set foot down the Princes Highway from Sydney to cover over 15,000km … a man, a pram, two feet and a heartbeat.

It gives an amazing insight into his unbelievable physical and mental conquest, his struggles, the people he met and the funny experiences along the way. He walked an average 45km in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, trekked 100km in a day across the Nullarbor Plain to mark the anniversary of Simmo’s death, an effort he coined ‘Sink 100 for Simmo’, and then limped back home to the Central Coast after a 128km overnight stint he called ‘The Triple Marathon Madness’.

Neil Cadigan funded and published the book himself and it was only available by mail-order but such was the overwhelming response it has now been taken to a wider market by publishers Black Inc and is available in book stores or as an E-book online.

$1 from every book sold will go to Cad’s Cause, and in particular the Leukaemia Foundation’s PHD scholarship to research myelodysplasia – named after Andrew Cadigan and Chris Simpson.


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