When Andrew Cadigan encounter his fatal motorbike accident in Thailand, he had been transcribing his hand-written diaries (26 in all) he meticulously compiled each evening during his amazing around-Oz trek, with the view to - with author father Neil - writing a book about his adventure.

When Neil was in Thailand with wife Chris for 10 weeks as Andrew lay in hospital, he vowed that he would write the book himself - from Andrew's diary recollections and his own personal aspect of what was a tragic, yet inspirational story.

Neil first self-published the book as '‘A Man and a Pram’ before it was later released by mainstream publisher Black Inc. as 'With Every Step' and it has received amazing critical review. 

It gives an extraordinary insight into his unbelievable physical and mental conquest, his struggles, the people he met and the funny experiences along the way. He walked an average 45km in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, trekked 100km in a day across the Nullarbor Plain to mark the anniversary of Simmo’s death, an effort he coined ‘Sink 100 for Simmo’, and then limped back home to the Central Coast after a 128km overnight stint he called ‘The Triple Marathon Madness’.

Neil provides an emotional father's view of Andrew's accident and the tragic last 12 weeks of his life after that fateful day, one month to the day after Cad had walked Sydney's harbour bridge to end his jubilant journey.

Neil has received scores of heartfelt messages from people who had never met 'Cad' to say how inspirational the book was. Some have used it as a 'bible' while doing their own around-the-country treks; some have contacted Neil to say it was "the best book I have read", "most inspirational story I've read", "I couldn't put it down", "I laugh and cried all the way through; what an amazing person" and more.

One of those readers was Matthew Daniels (mentioned on the home page) who, inspired by the book and its message, entered the Guinness Book of Records by running 55 marathans on successive days, and has now embarked on an even more incredible challenge - running a half-marathon each day for 535 days, starting on the same day (December 27) and finishing on the same day (June 14) at Cad did during his epic walk.

You can buy the book for $25 (which will be delivered my post) by clicking the link below.


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